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vr headset

Bailiff Trouble


For around 40 years computer games have been played roughly the same way. You plug a console into a screen. But the technology giant Facebook has spent $2bn on what it thinks may be the next frontier   Oculus Rift   a virtual reality headset which places you inside the action.hdmi wireless  The big bad villain of this game though is motion sickness.
In April there are big changes coming to pensions, with new freedoms to take out money. We hear from the pensions head who warned a Westminster select committee that fraudsters trying to exploit the change have already come up with a host of new tactics.
And it's gone a bit chilly hasn't it? But in rural communities not being connected to the National Grid is a major source of fuel poverty.hdmi wireless   We talk to a man who wants to know why global oil prices may be dropping   but you don't see the difference if you use oil to heat your home.
Also, in February the regulator Ofgem revealed domestic energy firms that they were hanging on to customers' money to the tune of 400m, because our former providers store it when we switch or move house. Ofgem gave them a warning to get to work on giving it back. We find out how they plan to do it.